All About Personal Injury Claims

Each tort claim, no matter what it’s basis is or whether it has to do with a negligent, intentional, or strict liability action, involves two core factors: who is liable and  what are the damages. Therefore, one must first determine with their personal injury attorney whether it is possible to find the defendant responsible for the injury you suffered, and what would be your personal injury damages are? If one can show that there is good reason for both liability and damages, then it is likely that your personal injury attorney will be able to fight for you and prevail. However, you must first file a lawsuit with the court before your personal injury attorney does research to win you your case.

personal injury-picFiling A Lawsuit

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you are the plaintiff.  The defendant is the person who caused the injury. Attorneys for both sides will then gather as much information as possible through written questions, depositions, and documents. This research time is known as discovery. After the time allowed for discovery, most cases will be reach a settlement even before they even go to trial. This is often the most cost effective for both sides and does not take up too much time.

We are often afraid to even go to a lawyer when deciding whether to pursue a personal injury claim. This is usually because we know that it will take time and money. Also, many people are unsure whether they have a good claim or don’t even know how to proceed. Always talk it over with an attorney. Don’t be afraid to ask them for quote or see what percentage they would take from your compensation. An injury can have long lasting affects so you should always receive the appropriate reward.