Animal Attack

Owners of animals are accountable for their pet’s actions, in both a public and private setting. If you are attacked or bitten by an individual’s dog then a personal injury claim against that person is likely. The compensation depends on if this attack is the first occurrence for the animal or how bad the harm caused is. Ask your attorney for the best way to approach these claims.

Medical Malpractice

These injuries are also very common forms of personal injury claims. Medical malpractice injuries involve mistakes during a procedure and medication that is incorrectly prescribed. Ask your attorney whether your doctor can be found accountable for your pain and suffering, and if compensation is possible.

Injuries In The Workplace

Individuals are injured on the job every single day from physical harm to emotional stress. Therefore, employees who are victims of workplace harm may be able to recover reparation from his or her employer. A personal injury attorney can help you file the case and seek the highest compensation.

You should discuss your specific case with an experienced attorney. If you have pain and suffering then compensation might be possible.