1. What’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

When a person has gastric sleeve surgery a small stomach is created with a stapling device. Plus, the rest of your stomach is removed and its size is substantially reduced. The procedure can help weight loss, or it can be a procedure before you eventually get gastric bypass surgery

2. What’s Involved In The Surgery?gastric sleeve surgery 1

Before your surgical procedure, you will receive anesthetic. Next, a small camera is
put in your stomach and small cuts are made by your surgeon in order to remove most of your stomach. Last, the other parts of your stomach are stapled together.

3. Is It Right For Your?

If you are very committed to weight loss, gastric sleeve surgery may be your best option. You should also look into starting a well-balanced diet and exercising with a personal fitness trainer.

4. Are You Eligible For The Procedure?

You must first talk to your surgeon about whether you are able to have the gastric sleeve surgery.

5.  Benefits Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The procedure will reduce the amount of calories you eat and immediate weight loss will be expected. Therefore, you should also start a healthy diet at the same time.

6. What Are The Risks?

There are many risks with the procedure and you should talk to your surgeon before the procedure. Thus, don’t rush into your decision.