This vegetable, like cauliflower, kale, and cabbage, is very high in antioxidants (indole-3-carbinol and glucoraphanin) and phytochemicals. It has been shown to lower the risk of gastric, cervical, prostrate, and breast cancers. Broccoli is also anti-inflammatory, dense with nutrients, does not contain many calories, and beneficial for your heart and bones. Eating broccoli is an excellent way to support a healthy lifestyle.


Eating this common vegetable is a great way to gain beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant that helps block cell damage and decreases the cancer cell growth. Carrots also have falcarinol, which is a natural insecticide found in vegetable. Researchers claim that this is the ingredient that fights cancer. Naturally, carrots also improve your skin, vision, and are a detoxifier.


Besides its delicious taste, there are other important reasons to eat these common fruits. Scientists discovered that they stop heart disease, decrease cancer cells growth, help avoid memory loss, burn body fat, and lower inflammation. Furthermore, blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, and boysenberries are all full of these helpful vitamins and minerals.