Duck Dynasty Star Just Shaved His Beard And Looks Incredible

Duck Dynasty was an extremely successful reality TV show that captivated fans weekly for 11 seasons. The series focuses on the Robertson family and their multi-million dollar duck calling company. The cameras also captured many entertaining and emotional moments involving the close-knit Louisiana family. Often called the “new Beverly Hillbillies,” the Roberstons are also known for their devout Christian beliefs. Additionally, the male Robertson members are best recognized for one specific trait – their famous bushy beards which they never shave (well, almost never).

Television StarDuck Dynasty 1

Besides for his incredibly wild beard, Jase, the second eldest Robertson brother, is also known for his witty jokes. However, he recently announced to his fans that he would be shaving off his bushy facial hair. The outcome of his transformation was remarkable. Even Jase’s wife, Missy, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her husband’s beardless face.