There are many different types of addiction therapies and numerous programs that offer treatment services. Therapy and rehab for drug and alcohol addiction can be a long but worthwhile program. Understanding the addiction program that is right for you is the first step. Below are the different forms of therapy.

The Main 3:


Each client has different needs, and depending on his or her circumstances the length and level of care for the therapy treatment can alter. Sessions with a licensed therapist will likely occur a few times a week, where a treatment plan will be created with help from staff members and the client.therapy 2


This type involves therapeutic sessions with other members of the treatment center. They are led by experienced and licensed professional and give clients the the ability to talk about their recovery in a safe and open environment.


Therapy sessions for families usually contain active participation from spouses, siblings, and parents. The client must first give persimmon for family participation, which is highly recommended . Sometimes these sessions can occur online or over the telephone.

Other Forms:

  • Expressive Therapies in Recovery
  • Recovery-Oriented Challenge Therapy
  • Medical and Psychiatric Sessions
  • Trauma Therapies
  • Psycho-educational and Didactic Groups

Choose the right program for you. Don’t hesitate to do extra research. These programs are definitely beneficial. Look online to learn more about the issue at hand. Make sure to take your time.